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How are you feeling?

Is every week starting to feel the same?

Since the pandemic many people I have spoken to feel like they are stuck in some kind of nightmare groundhog day. 

If you don't know what Groundhog Day means, then watch this:

Does all this sound familiar? 

The good news is there really is something simple you can do. 

Set Yourself A Weekly Challenge:

Don't groan!

I realise that the word "Challenge" has been used to death for decades. 

The reality is that a challenge does help you focus on doing something different each week.

The secret is to set yourself a challenge that will make you feel amazing.

It is up to you and your own specific circumstances - and your own personal likes - to know what it is that will make you feel amazing.

For some it can be setting yourself a challenge to run 5km. For others it may be to watch a whole boxset. Or maybe you want to set yourself a target to earn more in your business and investments. Perhaps finish some DIY or gardening. Maybe make love every day. The choice is yours - or - if you do a group challenge, the choice is all of yours.

For me, I use my own FEEL4 formula which gives me a really good framework to define my weekly challenges.

Next week I have set myself the following simple challenge:

FOCUS: By the end of Sunday I want to have completed 5000 bicep curls.

ENERGISE: I want to do this because I want to improve my health and tone my arms to look and feel great, ready for summer T-Shirts.

ENGAGE: I am going to engage every spare moment I get, by lifting my dumbbells and keeping count on my phone.

LEARN: I set myself a similar target a few months back for leg squats and I learnt that it is good to stretch every morning, keep hydrated and have protein and energy foods to help support my muscle development. I learnt that I felt really good and felt more confident. 

And that is it. Do not overthink this!

Whatever your challenge / goal is, just make sure you challenge yourself to do something you will feel better for achieving. 

Oh and if you don't achieve it, then feel free to roll the challenge over to the following week.

Take care of yourself. Good luck! Keep me posted. 

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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