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Is it just me or is life getting more and more surreal?

The fact that millions of humans are living much of their lives through screens via the internet is having an impact on real world consequences.

Actually, let me correct that last sentence. It is almost not having an impact anymore. That is the problem.

We seem to look at news stories on a screen as if they were a fictional movie. Something that does not really effect us or anyone else.

Especially in the Western world where there has been peace for decades. Watching scenes of a potential war on a screen feels like it is just another episode of a Netflix series.

All I keep thinking is how quickly the West has forgotten the World Wars and their devastation.

For those who have followed my blog you will know my 92 father lives with me. He was interned in a Nazi camp in France during World Ward 2. For me, that war is still very much part of my daily history and is not forgotten.

So what is my point? What is really going on with the Ukraine situation right now? Will the Russians invade?

Who knows?

Seriously, I don't even think the Russians know. Even if there are written plans to invade, the actual invasion may not take place.

On the other hand an invasion could occur through a series of unplanned happenings.

Maybe a Ukrainian tank divison gets lost in a snow storm and ends up on the other side of the border in Russia.

Maybe a rogue sniper who doesn't like the other side, takes a rogue shot and kills someone.

What we do know is going on is that humans are not learning the lessons of the past.

We know that war is never really wanted by the general public themselves, but is instead created by those in power who play chess with their people's lives.

We know that kindness breeds more kindness and hate leads to more hate.

So let's pray that kindness wins out.

Let's not jump to any conclusions.

Let's show understanding that every side has a perspective which needs to be considered and respected.

And most of all let's pray for peace that a war does not break out because if it does, remember, nobody ever truly wins.

Is there anything you can do to help sustain peace?

Yes. As per the Four Agreements (written by Don Miguel Ruiz), try to be impeccable with your word.

If you are talking with others around you, show compassion for the people in all countries. Do not take sides.

By remaining respectful of each culture this will spread the right energy to encourage peace.

What if war should break out? What if the Russians or Ukrainians invade and start burning cities and killing people?

Especially if that happens, you must realise that war changes a human into an animal, so you must take pitty on anyone who kills. Know that karma will always bring justice to those who go against the Way.

Hate only leads to hate. Kindness will lead to restoring peace.

Stay safe. Sending you my respect and best wishes at this emotive time.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett

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  1. Hi Chris, totally agree. I know I don't want any war and yet the news and politicians keep mentioning one. Who are they talking on behalf of?

    1. Hi, great point about who is the war being declared on behalf of. The sad truth is we know it is on behalf of the leaders and those around them with power. It is certainly not the general public who just want to talk in a cafe and enjoy their lives peacefully. I have an idea! Why don't we start a campaign for the people of the world to unite under one Earth Nation and then put all of the leaders who want war, into a boxing ring to fight it out for themselves.

  2. Am Russian, not wanting war, peace to all

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