Everything you have ever wanted lives on the other side of fear

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Why am I only just hearing about this quote now?

Google searches tell me someone called George Adair came up with it. Thanks George.

We live in a world where the power of quotes can get watered down. This is possibly because there are too many appearing on T-Shirts and mugs (Disclaimer I love them all!).

So let me just take the time to repeat the quote and get your focus on it:

Everything You Have Ever Wanted Lives On The Other Side Of Fear

What I love about this quote is it holds enough information to improve your life.

Fear is the evil that faces us all.

We are living through VERY TOUGH times. COVID has highlighted how inept the governments have been with tax payers money. They have no solid back up plan, they are just making it up as they go along.

House prices are ridiculously high (especially in the UK). Food has doubled in price in the last year. Energy prices are about to quadruple. Wages and benefits have not kept up with this change...

Yes - Things are really tough.

So how does this quote help you now or at any other point?

It is especially when things are tough that the fear gremlins start to creap in to your mind.

Whether you are contemplating changing your career. Or moving house when prices are so expensive. Or perhaps you want to ask someone out but you feel fearful of rejection. If you take the quote as a god-sent promise that facing your fears and doing them anyway (that sounds like a good book!!) will lead you to amazing things, then you will find it in you to actually do those things that make you feel uncomfortable. The things that will lead to improving your situation and enable you to live an enriched life with no regrets.

Change your career! Move house! Ask that person out!

The only thing you have to lose if you don't do these things and all of the other fears you have, is TIME.

I have suffered with agoraphobia my whole life. I have managed to face many of my fears and squeeze out of life some great moments. However, being honest, I could have - and still can do - better, by always adhering to this quote's wisdom.

Recently after the COVID lockdowns I have found myself trapped in the home more and more.

It is an easy option to not go out and this is where the quote really got to me. I know that if I face my fear and get out and do something, anything, I always feel better for it.

So my plea to you is to not let this quote just disappear out of your mind. Write it down and place it somewhere you can see it, add it to your phone, read it daily and make sure you do act to reach the happiness that is waiting for you on the other side of your irrational fears.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett

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  1. What a beautiful quote. Printed out and placed on my fridge door so it is always there when I get hungry! Peace x

  2. I've lived in fear most of my life but a few years ago I was diagnosed with a life threatening condition. After that point I decided life's too short to not do things because of fear. I've since been on holiday to Greece, Spain, South Africa, Denmark and I'm still going to new places. My advice to anyone letting fear take control of their life is to stop feeling and seeing fear as the controlling factor, you can do whatever you want so just do it and eventually the fear turns to excitement and then joy and then you don't let fear rule your life again. Life's for living go live it .

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