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Once upon a time. Before anything we know and recognise was created. There was a room.

It wasn't actually a room as we know it. In fact, you cannot describe it at all. The more you try and describe it, the less sense it makes. For the sake of simple understanding, think of it as a room.

The room's atmosphere was made up from things which didn't really have a human label, but, again, for the sake of you understanding, let me label these things as:

- Peace
- Love
- Contentment

Together they coexisted happily without thought, meaning, or anything else.

Christian Jacques Bennett Blog

Then one day something happened. A spark of something flickered to light up the room.

Over time the lights grew in number and in amongst the glitter life forms emerged.

All the while peace, love and contentment carried on without even a flicker.

Together they remained constant as life forms evolved, interwoven with them.

On one planet in particular, a planet called Earth, a species called humans evolved into having the power of thought.

They were a fascinating species which filled their minds with all kinds of thoughts. For most humans the thoughts blinded them to seeing what they were always a part of in life and death.

Over thousands of years these humans craved to find meaning for their existence. They wrote books and had discussions about those books. They even had wars when disagreements occurred about what was written. They divided themselves into groups which each told the other that their way was the only way to find peace, love and contentment.

Meanwhile, throughout the room the atmosphere of peace, love and contentment remained, permeating all things within and outside of the room.


The point of this story is to give your mind a break from the human thinking condition.

Just stop and soak this story in because it is actually not a fictional story but a factual analogy that explains the reality of your situation in the grand scheme of things.

As my version of the Tao Te Ching written 2600 years ago helps unravel, whatever you choose to think, how ever hard life gets, no matter the pains and burdens you carry. You are always permeated by peace, love and contentment.

In other words, you have always had, and always will have, all that you will ever need. In that thought find comfort throughout your life.

Take care of yourself in these challenging times.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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