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One of the things I note more and more the older I get is that death becomes more and more a part of daily life.

I found out this morning that one of my neighbours had passed away. She was 100 years of old, so she had a good innings. My condolences are with her family. She will be missed. She was someone who always left a smile on your face when you left a conversation with her. 

Hearing the news once again made me reflect on death and how I and the wider human population feel about it.

It seems most people are scared to talk about their death or anyone else's. Why?

One of the things we can always rely on as a certainty is the fact we are one day going to die. I bet some of you reading this will be feeling a little uncomfortable with me bringing up the subject. Again, I ask why?

Death is just as beautiful as life. Without death, life would have no meaning.

If you are feeling awkward talking about death then I recommend you start to do your own spiritual research. Find something that helps you come to terms with the fact that death (as an end destination) is not a horrible thing. 

Of course I agree that sometimes the way and age someone dies is horrible. The Aberfan disaster in Wales when 144 people died suddenly from a landslide, mostly children, was a horrific shock and there is nothing joyous about the way in which they died.

What I am getting at is that once they are dead, death in itself is a wonderous thing. It is holding on to this knowledge that will help you grieve the loss of someone. Whether you believe in heaven or nothing, the fact that those who die do not have to keep suffering and thinking about how they died is comforting.

For those of you who are challenging how I know that those who die do not keep thinking over and over about their death, this is where true faith and belief has to come into place. This is where I urge you to undertake your spiritual journey now to find your own strong beliefs which overrule anything else someone suggests to you which tries to bring you into a negative perspective.

I am 100% confident that death is a good thing. I believe in death you do find peace and become at one with everything. Whether there are other dimensions or heavenly dimensions after this life, I do not know, how could I? Ultimately though, death is the perfectly imperfect end for all of us. 

I wish we would all be able to talk about death more often. In Viking days they spoke about it often with great reverence. In the same spirit I would like to raise a glass to my neighbour who I believe is in a better place where peace, love and contentment merge into what is and always will be. 

RIP Betty x [You always made me smile]

PS: If you need some help finding your spiritual beliefs, let me help start you off on your journey with a list of great teachers. [Click to see the list]

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