My current top YouTuber who offers the best financial guidance

I realise the title of the above video doesn't quite fit in with my usual positive vibes.

Don't worry, the positive vibes are there but hidden. I will explain more in a moment.

In this post I want to share who I have found to be the best YouTuber to offer you sound financial information.

As usual I have to disclose that I am not affiliated with him, and this post is not to be considered financial advice which you act on without seeking professional guidance yourself.

So let me get on with it.

Neil McCoy-Ward [Click to Subscribe]:

Neil is fast becoming one of the best YouTubers for an honest and factual opinion on financial matters.

What I really like is the fact he backs up his comments by sharing actual financial data that the world's leading financial instutions have reported.

The above video doesn't hold back. It reveals the truth around how everyone has been ineptly managed by our governments.

Why is this positive I hear you say.

It is positive because I believe after decades of global economies being based on utter BS. Finally, the BS bubble is about to burst.

This means that eventually (it could take years) things like house prices will be corrected.

I am excited with the modern ability for all of the world's people to network with each other. This networking is leaving little wiggle room for the total BS that governments and corporations try to sell us.

I honestly feel that this is a turning point in our history. Things are finally looking up.

Neil is a great voice that is coming through on YouTube for telling you how it is and also what you can do about it.

I would love to know what you think of him, please leave a comment below.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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