This is the only person who will make you feel happy

will make you feel happy

Getting straight to the point, YOU are the only person who will ever make you feel happy.


Watch the video to see that money and fame do not bring you happiness. You will never find it until you understand where to look.

Do you find happiness in the future? 

What about that dream house you have just put on your vision board? When you move in you will be happy, right? Wrong!

How about that perfect partner you know is out there waiting for you. You know, the one who will be your best friend and face life's troubles with you. Everything will be perfect once you are with them, right? Wrong!

Okay if not those two things, it must be work! Happiness will pour over your soul when you get your dream job or win the lottery, right? Wrong!

Health! Of course, happiness lies in having good health! You will be happy and live out the rest of your days smiling whenever you beat an illness, right? Wrong!

Family! That's it! You will be happy when all of the family come to visit you, right? Wrong!

Can you see a pattern emerging?

You cannot place your happiness in other things. 

Happiness is not a destination. You do not need anything to be happy. Why? Happiness lives within you 24/7. 

Think of happiness as being light, and your mind is the light-switch. Only when you turn the switch on will the light appear. 

Happiness does not appear because you are:

  • rich and famous
  • have a dream house
  • an amazing partner
  • have health
  • have a loving family.

Happiness appears any time you want it to because you control the switch. That switch cannot be turned on by anything else. 

Everything in front of you right now can make you happy. The fact you're breathing. The fact the sun is in the sky, and yes even when it's hidden behind dark clouds. Everything is a gift for you to feel grateful and happy for having in your life.

Happiness is always there. 

Love is too. 

Learn to leave the light-switch turned on.


Christian Jacques Bennett

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay
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