Eckhart Tolle has landed a knockout blow

Eckhart Tolle has landed a knockout blow


I am on the canvass looking up at Eckhart. He has just landed a knock out blow. That will teach me to write this post about him.

How did he knock me out?

Unknowingly he did it with this, his latest, YouTube video:

In this video, he proves what a magnificent spiritual teacher he is. This video is probably one of his finest.

What knocked me out is the way he describes how most people live their lives waiting for that moment in time when they can start to do and feel what they have always dreamt. 

This part of the video (10m58secs) is essential for you to watch if you want to get a grip on the voice in your head. Eckhart teaches you to live in the moment (The Power of Now). 

You should not wait to find a spiritual awakening at the age of 80 when your life is statistically near its end. You should be seizing the moment! 

Remember what Robin Williams said in the film Dead Poets Society? If you don't, here it is:

Please let this post be a springboard into an awakening for you. Those thoughts you have running around your mind right now, especially the negative ones, they are not you. They never were you! 

Thoughts are just the fuel for the vehicle of your mind to help you manoeuvre through your life. Primarily, they should only be used to get you to a positive destination (perspective) on the situations you face.

Take care of yourself, and please seize the moment, right now, and remember, if you don't know where to start, smiling is a key you already hold which opens the door to instant happiness.


Christian Jacques Bennett

Credits: Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

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