This is what happens when you turn 50


What is it really like when you turn 50?

I cannot tell you what you will feel like when you are 50. That is impossible. Everyone has a unique experience. What I can say is...

Nobody knows everything!

The first shocking truth that starts to get reinforced the older you get is that - NOBODY KNOWS EVERYTHING!

Yes it is true. Even a brain surgeon who leads their field does not know everything.

You may have an idea a brain surgeon has never thought of.

I suppose what I am trying to say here is do not be fooled into thinking others know it all and you don't. Especially if you are younger.

Everybody's thoughts count. Just because someone is 50+ it doesn't mean they know it all.

Why am I telling you this?

I want to help you break out of the trap of thinking you are no better than someone else just because they have a degree or have studied something for decades.

You have all of the skills and human gifts you need to do well in this world.

There is one thing that others will never have and that is your mind. So use that advantage and show others what you can come up with to make this world a better place.

Stop overthinking!

The amount of time people waste overthinking (I suppose I mean worrying) about unecessary things is crazy.

I wish we could all just live in the moment and feel what is most important.

Next time you find yourself going down that rabbit hole of worry, stop and ask yourself these questions:

- Is this thinking actually constructively solving the problem?

- Is what you are worrying about going to save a life?

- Can this thinking wait?

- Is this thinking making you feel good? If not stop! Just stop.

Awareness is going to be your saviour as you get over 50. Just be aware of keeping your worry and stress to low limits.

Get comfortable!

Turning 50 you start to focus on one word: "Comfort".

I am not just talking about putting those warm slippers on. I am talking about you realising what is really important in life.

Being near family. Having a nice living environment. Finding peaceful moments where you can just recover from stuff. Finding joy in nature and practical tasks like cooking and gardening.

Comfort is also about financial security. It is not about owning stuff that you think will make people admire you, it is about simply not having any debt, and knowing you can keep a roof over your head and feed yourself until you grow those angel wings.

You also realise being healthy is going to make you feel comfortable and so the sooner in life you can get healthy the better.

Ask questions!

At 50 you genuinely want to help young people, so espcially if you are young use that to your advantage. There are a lot of over 50s and that means a lot of helpful people waiting to be asked questions.

Let's leave it here...

Finally, at 50, you learn people get fed up if you go on too much. So I will bring this post to a close.

Ultimately being 50 is the same as any age. It is YOU and YOUR THOUGHTS that will determine how you feel. If you are a negative person then get ready for a world of pain.

However, if you see the funny side to life and want to remain optimistic even in trouble times, then 50 is the new 30!

Enjoy life every second no matter what you are going through and what your age is.

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