Be Grateful Not Hateful


Be Grateful Not Hateful...

This life quote came to me this morning (and yes, for those of you who know me well, it happened in the shower which is where I get a lot of my inspiration 😆🚿).

I do feel a bit concerned about posting the quote without any context. Hence I am adding some here.

Life quotes are so easy to just view and forget.

The reason I like lifequotes is that, to me, I see them as being just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, look beneath the surface and you can gain so much more wisdom.

Sadly, that looking "beneath" doesn't tend to happen so much these days, because like with anything that you see more frequently, you end up skipping over things and moving on fast.

For example, if you drive a 🚗 car, how often do you really think deeply about where your feet are as you are driving. I am guessing probably never. You just get in and drive. You think more about what music you are going to play, right?

Well life quotes have become a little like your feet when driving. They are everywhere. Almost everyone uses or shares them on social media these days. Some stand out, especially if they reflect what you have been thinking about. Most just get seen and are left behind as fast as the initial smile of "I like that" vanishes.

Okay. So let me see if I can get you to see the deeper and wider part of the "Be Grateful Not Hateful" life quote (iceberg).

Some Context!

My mind often floats to my ex wife and the family life we had. I feel sad at how she ended it all. I know many people would hate someone who took the actions and decisions she did, over and over again. I probably should hate her. I know I cannot forgive her.

However, I have never hated her. I have never been ungrateful for all of the happy memories we had together.

I thought all of this in a few seconds whilst the mystical 😉 water from my shower slapped down onto the shower floor, sounding like an irregular heartbeat.

Immediately my thoughts then jumped like a flea onto whether anyone else is currently going through divorce or other life changing pain.

I wondered how can my experience help them feel comforted 🤗 throughout the tough situation which hurts them so.

"Be Grateful Not Hateful"

Those four words repeated in my mind as the shower slapped faster.

How could I get others who are in the middle of full on battle with their ex, or the other challenging situation they face, how could I get them to understand that it is going to be okay...

I realized I could not. It would be impossible to stop a bullet that has just left the gun and is in motion.

But right now I want to try. I want to ❤️‍🩹 help.

Hence I find myself writing this for anyone who is going through tough times.

I mean, what harm can it do to tell you that you will be okay. You will.

You have to step outside of yourself (your emotions) just for a second and read what I am typing here.

It may as well be your future self typing out this message of hope and love; because you are going to validate what I am saying here.

You will be okay. Seriously.

The take home message which will lead to you being okay is not to let hate have any part of your actions or thoughts.

Whatever someone has done, hate is actually only something that rots your own insides. Hate has no effect on the person you hate.

Learn right now to reflect on the memories that may seem painful now. That may even make you cry. Don't feel bitterness that the person involved in those painful memories betrayed you in some way.

Don't latch onto the last negative words that person said to you.

Your relationship, no matter what is happening now and how it ends, your relationship was beautiful.

If the pain is not to do with a relationship then, up until the painful event was known, I am sure you have some good memories. Latch on to those.

Be grateful for the good times. Celebrate them now, no matter what the current storm is throwing your way, as it tries to sand down the feelings you once held dear.

To repeat. You will be okay.

Time loves you. Time heals you.

I am more than 10 years past the most painful moment in my life. I am living proof you can reflect on a situation that consumed you and feel nothing but gratefulness for the good times that led to it.

So the next time you read the life quote "Be Grateful Not Hateful" just remember the bigger part of the wisdom iceberg. It will keep you grounded through the tough times and lift you higher when the pain subsides.

Take care of yourself today. People do care, they just have a funny way of showing it.
Christian Jacques Bennett
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