Foreboding Penguins

Foreboding Penguins

Foreboding Penguins

It’s the way they waddle

It’s the way they shuffle

From side to side

From heel to toe

Foreboding penguins

Have no place to go

It’s the way they peck

It’s the way they look

From yellow to grey

From black to white

Foreboding penguins

Don’t sleep at night

It’s the way they group

It’s the way they swim

From water to land

From acting strange

Foreboding penguins

Hate climate change

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About this poem:

This poem was inspired by the daily social media prompt called #vss365 (virtual short story). It gives you a new word daily which you then have to put into a poem. It is also inspired by the desire to save the planet. Humans have it within their brilliance to heal planets. Let's start with Earth. Let's help those Foreboding Penguins get their ice back. If you want to adopt a penguin 🐧 via WWF then belly flop this way!
Christian Jacques Bennett
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