Why understanding faith and belief will help you thrive


It's time for faith and belief...

This is becoming a theme, but yes, I was yet again thinking in the shower this morning about the words, "Faith" and "Belief". I was specifically thinking about how separating and defining those words can help you become a stronger and better person. Someone able to cope with all life throws at you.

I came up with this simple definition:

Faith = Hope

Belief = Conviction

In my mind. Knowing this distinction gives clarity and power to those very important words. This allows you to take their power and use it in your daily life.

Let's pretend you are trying to build a business but it feels like things are not going your way. Perhaps there has been a setback.

This is where you need to know the difference between those two words and use them to your advantage.


By realizing "Faith" is actually "Hope" you know that by you having faith your business will survive and thrive, even when you feel down and despondent, you can feel a sense of reassurance. Having faith will calm you down and allow you to progress to the next day. Importantly you know that hope is something that also needs some effort on your part. You need to potentially rethink why your business is not going the way you "hoped". You may then need to take some action to set it back on course, as per your business plan.

The latter is an example of how hope fills your spirit with a glow of positive thinking as you progress in life.

You can also apply this to anything you face, such as a relationship issue. In fact for relationships faith is a great thing to sit down with your partner (business or personal) and talk through. Try to align them to your own faith by not preaching but by listening to what they would like to see happen. What would make them have faith that things will work out for the better? During the discussion you can also mention what "good" feels like to you in relation to the business and or the relationship goal.

Faith will provide you with a hope that you will accomplish an end goal. It will also provide you with positive feelings throughout your journey towards achieving something.


We have looked at "Faith" so now it is time to drill into how knowing "Belief" is "Conviction" will help you in life.

Returning to the business example. If your business is not doing well. If you have an unbreakable belief (conviction) that your business will succeed and you will never give up no matter what. Well. That alone will see you through any emotions that the journey to success will throw at you. Even if you lose all faith and hope, belief and conviction will dominate and see you through to the end of something.

If you look at all successful entrepreneurs, they definitely have conviction that they WILL make it! Some billionaires have faced bankruptcy and came back to be wealthier than ever. Why? Because they had such a undentable belief, such a compelling conviction in accomplishing their end goal, they were not going to let anything stop them from achieving it.

In relationships belief that the marriage and or relationship will stand firm and will work out, well, that is what helps couples survive challenging times. And trust me, all partnerships will face challenging times. What makes those couples celebrating their 50th anniversary different to those who divorce after a year, is their belief that the marriage is worth fighting for at all costs. They have conviction that whatever arguments or upsets come along, their belief in the union will endure and thrive from having had tough times.

How do you get faith and belief?

Finding faith and belief is a personal thing. Everyone will think slightly differently about what they truly believe and and have faith in.

However, what is wonderful about both faith and belief is that you can use the power of your imagination to think up anything that will grow those things inside of you. There are no restrictions.

So if you do not have a religion that provides you with faith and belief, then perhaps you love dogs?

There is nothing stopping you making up your own belief that everything you do in both work and personal life is going to help all dogs around the world. This should encourage you to have hope that the actions you take always generate good dog kharma.

I know you think I am barking mad for using this made up analogy but I want to pound (dog pound 🤦) it in to you that you can do this.

You can create any faith and belief you want. You can even have more than one. It might be you have one faith per business goal you have. This is the best thing in life, nobody can dictate what you want to have faith in and believe.

Look, I know I may have lost some of you with that dog analogy. But hopefully you can see what I am revealing to you in this path.

Those who believe in Jesus or Allah will find it much easier grasping what I am saying.

It is those that cannot whom I am trying to get to understand that faith and belief is something they can also have. You do not have to belong to a big religion. This doesn't have to do with a religion if you do not want it to.

I urge you to find a faith and a belief in something. Ideally something bigger than yourself, something that transcends life and death and can never be disproved by anyone else's faith and belief.

Once you find yours you will approach anything life throws at you with a smile. Nothing will harm you. You will find peace.

Peace be with you. Take care today.

Christian Jacques Bennett
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