The cheapest and most rewarding vacation you can start right now

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The cheapest and most rewarding vacation you can start right now...

This self improvement blog is all about throwing ideas your way. Practical ideas that will improve your life.

Today I want to explain how you can give yourself a vacation as cheaply as possible but at the same time for it to feel as effective as possible in giving you a new lease in life.
This advice is specifically for anyone reading this who:

👣 Wakes up every morning thinking, "I'm so fed up"

👣 Is sitting reading this feeling totally knackered

👣 Has a headache, eye ache, or any type of body ache

👣 Feels stressed, anxious and or bored with their life

👣 Feels stuck with responsibilities but needs some escape
Did that sound like you?

If any of the latter sounds like you, let me throw this idea your way quickly. It sounds like you need a life line... But first, let me share a life quote:

Change your routine: Change your life!
Changing your daily routine will have a HUGE impact on your mental health.

Maintaining awarenes of your daily routine is a great way to ensure you keep your wellbeing in a good state.

It is usually the case that when you start feeling unwell, stressed, tired, and generally fed up, you will find that your daily routine has become the same. Basically you are living in groundhog day!
How did Bill Murray escape Groundhog day?
Hopefully you have seen the film Groundhog Day. If not watch it but be warned the above video and headline question lead to spoilers.

Bill finally breaks the loop of living the same day over and over again by trying different things, seeing life from a different perspective.

This is exactly how you can give your self an instant vacation which costs next to nothing.
Start right now...

Seriously, there is no better time than right now. All you have to do is literally do things differently.

If you are in bed and it is morning, then get out of bed differently. Why not stand up on your bed and then safely jump a few times on the mattress before carefully walking off the bed on a side you don't normally use, how about the end of the bed?

If you have cereal, then why not fast, don't eat in the morning. Or have something different... Fruit... A croissant... Treat yourself.

If you get the kids breakfast, and or, if you are caring for an elderly parent like me, then you can give yourself a break by changing their routine too.

Take them out to eat. If you don't have any money then why not have breakfast in the garden, on a blanket?
Do everything differently!

The key thing to give yourself a vacation is, to do everything you normally do, differently.

If you work, then change your commute route. Enter the building via a different entrance. Wear different clothes. Get a haircut.

Change your physiology too. If you don't smile then smile at the people you see. Spread some joy and you'll see it gets returned.

If you already smile, then, how about you also say something nice. Give people a compliment. Give yourself a compliment in the mirror whilst you're at it.

If you haven't played a musical instrument in ages then why not have a play?
Please do not treat this tip as being silly...

It is easy to read tips like this and not do anything. But you are going to be different, right now, aren't you?

Yes, right now, you are going to turn to your next task and do it differently.

You are going to start to make yourself feel different and better by taking action.
You've got it - good!

Well done. Seriously well done.

And remember the next 20 minutes are going to be the most important. Do everything differently starting now.
Enjoy your vacation!

Oh and by the way. I am practicing what I preach. I am writing this at a different time of the day. I woke up and missed breakfast. I walked the dog a different route. I even entered my car from the passenger side! Seriously. And I feel great. It has helped awaken my brain to a different way to do things. I hope you find joy doing this too. Take care today.
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