There is a superhero inside all of us waiting to come out


Have you seen your heroic side yet?

Before I begin this path which will get you excited about being a real life superhero, let me begin with a definition of what a superhero is. Definition:

/ˈsupərˌhɪroʊ/ , /ˈsupərˌhiroʊ/

(pl. superheroes)

a character in a story, movie, etc. who has unusual strength or power and uses it to help people; a real person who has done something unusually brave to help someone

I would like to add to the above definition by saying, I think a "Superhero" is ultimately a good role model for others to follow.

With all of the larger than life Marvel and DC Comic superheroes flooding our screens, it is very easy to get lost in a fantasy world. A cartoon world. A world where the thought of a superhero stays imaginary and fictional.

However, I want to reveal to you today, right now, that you have a super hero inside of you waiting to come out. Perhaps it has already come out and you didn't notice.

It may help me explain by telling you what prompted me to write this path. I received some good news this morning that my aunt and uncle are putting their Surrey (UK) home up for sale and are moving to live near their children in the Devon countryside. Sounds pretty basic, right?


That "basic" news is what sparked me to write this. It is not basic at all. It can be so easy to let such basic things wash over us and ignore them. We mustn't. For me, hearing this news was living proof of two superheroes who have unknowingly acted as role models in my life.

My aunt and uncle are wonderfully old school. They are people who just get on with it. Even though they will have faced hardship in their lives, they did not use that hardship as an excuse to crumble and give in.

They purchased their Surrey house for circa £22k in the days ABBA were still together and Elton John had a wife.

They both worked hard doing 9-5 type work. They also worked hard supporting Scouts on their time off.

They are the perfect example of the backbone of society. They paid their taxes, raised a family, and they have truly shown what it means to "Keep calm and carry on".

I love them. I am proud of them. I see them as real life superheroes showing me an example of what perserverance and patience can do.

Their Surrey house was just valued at over £1m and they've accepted an offer; it is the perfect icing on the cake of their superhero lifestyle.

What has this got to do with you?

I want you to look at what superpowers you have shown to get you to this point.

Have you dealt with pain and are you still here? You are a superhero!

Have you carried on working even though you didn't like a job? You are a superhero!

Have you been injured or disabled and kept waking up each day? You are a superhero!

Do you say hello to strangers and smile to spread kindness in the world? You are a superhero!

Do you help friends and family when they need it? You are a superhero!

Did you brave going to that interview and or exam? You are a superhero!

Do you deal with mental health issues each day and still carry on? You are a superhero!

I think you are getting the message.

You need to know that the very fact you are still here. Still alive. Still carrying on. Despite all of the hardship you have endured. That you are proving to be a superhero.

And look around...

There are superhero role models everywhere. Like my aunt and uncle, they are highlighting a way to live. A way that will keep you strong and grow your super powers if you follow their example.

Anyhow, I have to go and rescue a bus that is dangling off a bridge. Stay safe. Be strong. And start designing your outfit and superhero name, I want to see it and hear it! Take care for now......

Christian Jacques Bennett
Please comment below on what you think about this path...

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