The most powerful fitness plan ever - which nobody wants to follow


Be careful! Your ego could get nasty 👿

As we grow older we start to see patterns in the behaviour of people. Yes, that includes me and you!

One of the reasons I write this blog is to dig deep into what makes us do what we do. Most importantly, to share what can we learn from what we do to make our lives better.

Dieting and fitness are areas which we are naturally forced to focus on as we grow old.

The fact of the matter is that our ageing body is starting to wind down from the moment we reach 30 (sometimes sooner). And just like a car. If you drove it badly in its early years you are going to need to replace parts and oil areas that are starting to creak.

So why is it that people ignore the obvious when it comes to staying fit and healthy?

Let me start with what is proven to be a generally correct way to stay in shape, mentally and physically.

This is your silver bullet "Do and Don't" list:

1. Do consume low amounts of sugar (and mainly only from certain healthy foods - no sugar snacking - no chocolate, sweets etc 😲)

2. Do consume the calories you need, do not over eat (tip: just use small side plates and hors d'oeuvre bowls instead of your standard dinner plates and cereal bowls) and avoid too many carbs and processed foods, eat a balance of fresh vegetables and protein based foods

3. Do daily exercise that makes you sweat (for at least 30 minutes)

4. Do not drink alcohol and or do drugs (water water water oxygen oxygen oxygen)

5. Do LOL (laugh as much as possible even if you have to force yourself to do it)

6. Do manage your stress levels (educate yourself with self improvement paths that will teach you how to deal with the 💩 stuff life throws at you)

I told you that nobody wants to follow this!


Why are you looking at the screen like that?

Look, as the title of this path says, nobody wants to follow this plan.


Society has ingrained into its every day culture that of thinking drinking with your buddies is cool. For some reason throwing alcohol down your throat to destroy your liver and swell your brain is considered cool.

It gets better. The instant relief of grabbing a doughnut or chocolate bar is addictive. Adverts launch themselves at you from every angle, showing how happy someone is munching away on a chocolate bar full of sugar which thickens your arteries and leads to a short life span.

And now to the elephant 🐘 in your mind 🧠 (AKA your ego!)

I can guarantee that many people reading this will be getting a few egoic thoughts starting to bombard their mind right now.

Thoughts like:

- Yeah yeah this guy is being over dramatic, I only have a few beers and glasses of wine each week, what does he really know about what I can handle?

- How dare this guy tell me I cannot eat chocolate, my grandmother lived until 100 and she ate chocolate every day!

- As long as I do exercise and burn the calories off I will be fine to drink alcohol and eat chocolate... Besides I want to feel happy I don't want to live life like a robot!

I am never hear to argue:

Woah! Woah! I am not writing this to change anyone's mind. I am writing it because it is the truth. Whether we each decide to act on that truth is for each of us to work out.

What tends to happen, especially as you grow older, is that you start to get a reason to attempt to follow this fitness plan.

It could be you have heart problems, a stroke, diabetes... or maybe you have seen others around you get those and or other health issues and it has finally turned on a light bulb in your mind.

Only the real you, the one that is not the egoic voice, but the genuine one that is connected to the universe, is part of god, and can take accountability for their actions through witnessing your life needing to change or else.... only that real you will be able to follow this plan.

Until then, it is likely nobody will want to follow this fitness plan. But it will remain here if you need it. Bookmark it. I promise you will want to return one day.

As always, take care of yourself.

Christian Jacques Bennett
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