Let something die in you this Christmas

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Woah! Woah! The word "Die" doesn't sound like a very Merry Christmas message, does it?
Where am I going with this?
Okay so, let me explain. Christmas is a magical time of year. However, it seems like much of the magic is being forgotten and replaced with commercial advertising.
The real message around something wonderful being born (like a baby called Jesus) and the benefits of kind acts of giving have become forgotten.
Although I believe in Everything and not specifically in any one religion, I feel strongly that Christmas is a time when you and I can "choose" to be kind, heal and thrive.
Most importantly we can really set ourselves free to feel the true Christmas spirit rush through our minds like water gushing into a sinking submarine.
The way we do the latter is by letting something die in us. What is that "something"? It is the negative voice in our head that gives us a hard time every moment we let it.
You know the voice I am talking about. The one that says you look a bit fatter today. The one that wishes you were a different age. The one which asks if the grass is greener elsewhere, stopping you from looking at the grass you are standing in right now!
As Eckhart Tolle says. The real YOU is the witness to the voice in your mind. And it is the real you that can truly appreciate a Merry Christmas time.
The real you wants to spread love and kindness and doesn't care if you look awkward doing it.
So my message to you this Christmas season is let your negative voice die. Let only positive thoughts lead to being kind, and giving people the things that count, which are, your time and attention.
This year, really make a point of asking those around you if they need your help. Tell them you love them. Be kind.
If you do this, I guarantee you will have a Merry Christmas.
Sending good vibes your way. This Christmas is going to be your best! Smile right now to start things off....
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