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There can be a minefield of contradictions when you learn about self development. I am about to give you an example of one of these.
Many coaches tell you to fill your mind with knowledge. Read as many books as you can. And they are not wrong, knowledge is a great power to have. However, not many talk about the power of not knowing.
I would actually go even further and say that the power of not knowing is greater than that of knowing. Why do I think this? Because the bad parts of the human mind, the parts that feed negative thoughts which try to take you down a miserable life path, they hate not knowing. The voice inside your head finds it tough trying to persuade you to think negatively aginst something it cannot understand.
Let me give you an example of the power of not knowing in two words: "HOPE" or "FAITH".
These words provide you with power when all of the knowledge in the world isn't helping.
Take me for example, just because I write a blog about healing and thriving, it doesn't mean I am Mary Poppins happy every second. It doesn't mean I don't get tough days, weeks, months or even years. Life can be challenging.
For the last week, I have found my body and mind really struggling. All of my energy has gone. All of the knowledge and experience I have learnt is not getting traction in getting me back to feeling 100%. In times like this it is easy to sink into negative thoughts and reject the knowledge you have gained that doesn't seem to be working. However, that is where the power of the unknown does work for me - EVERY TIME!
As tired mentally and physically as I am, my negative thoughts cannot overpower the thought that good things are coming my way, no matter how bad I am feeling. Think of the power of not knowing as the rear guard of your mind, the part that, when things get too much, it is always there to step in and defeat the last straw thoughts.
You can also create any story that will help you give the unknown even more power. What do I mean by that? I mean you can make up your own god or religion, or use an existing one. Many people refuse to give in because they are faithful to their god, knowing that no matter how bad life gets, they are being looked after by their god. But it doesn't have to be a god, use anything you want, anything that is so wonderful for you to think of that it cannot be defeated. I know of other people who use relatives who have passed away, they say they are looking out for them when things get tough, some have guardian angels.
The bottom line is, there is tremendous power in not knowing. In the mysteries of everything you can find such wonder and peace and lasting hope. Things will get better, your life is wonderful even if you do not feel it at times. Time will heal and you will thrive.
Take care today.
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