I have found a new YouTuber who shows you how to live in nature and thrive

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I am so excited to have come across Molly Doubleday this morning.
I added her to one of my most read blog posts called: How to start a new life in the wild so, besides this post, as many people as possible can show her their support and learn from her journey.
And that is what I think I, you, and so many others love about these types of Vloggers. It is that look into their life and being able to compare it to your own. How did they escape the rat race? What has worked for them? How did they feel throughout the journey? And so many more questions. It is great that we can all learn from each other and better our own lives in the process.
Here is Molly's website: hippyhighlandliving.com. It will explain far more than I can about her journey.
The purpose of my post, as is always my aim, is to help kind and thoughtful people like you to be made aware of her. The world is a better place for those who realise nature and a slow way of life is to be savoured and appreciated. I want to also provide you with as many avenues for you to explore and find your own shrangri la place.
I will leave you with a true statement: Whatever you dream to do, you can turn it into a reality - so dream as BIG you can and be excited for what's happening right now!
Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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  1. Thanks Christian

  2. Molly is adorable. Added her to my list of channels to subscribe to. Thanks for sharing this.

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