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We often hear that we should live in the NOW. To make the most of the present moment. That is good advice. However. Not much is ever said about the future and how it can add to the Power of Now.
Like all parents I want the best for my child's future and I often want to show my love so she feels supported. My teenage daughter has been doing her college exams lately and I know it is a stressful time leaving to go to university, and so I wanted to offer her some words of encouragement. This is what I said.
I just wanted to remind you, I love you more than life itself. Your future has some WONDERFUL things lined up for you and before you say "No it doesn't", please remember this, "The beauty of not being able to see your future is you'll never prove hope wrong".
The future really is a wonderful thing. It is something that will always be in front of us. Something we can never actually reach. And so what better place for nature to dangle nuggets of hope to your present mind.
If you find yourself in a very challenging situation then please use the future as a carrot to keep you going. Please tell yourself there are FANTASTIC times ahead of you and in many cases they feel all the more FANTASTIC because of the pain and hardship you are going through right now.
I believe everyone's future dreams and aspirations are fuel to get you through any difficult time right now. You can heal and you can thrive.
You know what, I am actually getting excited for you. I see your future and it looks amazing. Take care today.
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