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I had an amazing morning. Why? Did everything go smoothly? Well not really. My dog woke me up at 5am to take her outside, she'd eaten a bag of birdseed the day before and so it was time to feed the birds (if you know what I mean)! Enough said. And yet, I was smiling, I felt great. It was raining too, and yet I felt great. It was also my first day back at work after a week off. And I still felt great. I have even got the dentist tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it!!

Something inside me has changed for good and for the better.

Thankfully, I know what has made this happen and I want to share it with you asap.

Besides me finally understanding that I should only use my thoughts as tools to get the most out of life, instead of letting them shape my life for me (i.e. negative thoughts, worry, anxiety etc - CLICK HERE if you want to know more), besides that, I felt great because of FEEL4! It has had a profound effect on my life. How I feel and my overall wellbeing.

Before I go on, I want to do a shameless book plug. This book will explain and show you exactly how to start using FEEL4 to get the most out of your life and succeed at anything you do. Click the book image below to be taken to Amazon:

Did you buy it? Oh come on... haha... just kidding.

I have been using FEEL4 for years now and over that time I have learnt to improve and simplify it.

My main daily routine is now very simple but the outcomes are so powerful. Here it is for you to copy or tweak:

1. I start by writing down the three core areas of life, so I always have a written baseline to go back to: HEALTH, WEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS. Concentrate on these three areas and you will heal and thrive. Under each of these headings I write four sub headings: FOCUS + ENERGIZE + ENGAGE + LEARN (AKA FEEL4). Then I start with HEALTH and write what I want to FOCUS on achieving, what will ENERGIZE me to do this, how I will ENGAGE with activities to see my focus achieved, and finally I keep track of any lessons I LEARN that will enable me to tweak how I do things if I repeat the four steps. Next, I do the same for WEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS.

Note: Don't overthink this. HEALTH can simply be: "I want to be healthy (although using Law of Attraction rules you should write down something in the present tense. such as, "I am feeling healthy every day)"! WEALTH can be: "I want to be wealthy (I am feeling wealthy every day)" and yes you guessed it, RELATIONSHIPS can be: "I want to have good relationships (I am in great relationships every day). Make sense? As you get used to FEEL4 the wonderful thing is, you will tweak it to what fits the way you like to word and do things.
Here is just a quick example of what your written FEEL4 steps may look like, based on what has just been described:

HEALTH - I am feeling healthy every day, feeling my perfect weight and running a mile without being out of breath, including feeling good inside and grateful for being in this moment.

WEALTH - I am feeling wealthy every day, being able to spend money on the things I need and on some luxuries, feeling wealthy enough to do anything I want any time of the day.

RELATIONSHIPS - I am feeling wonderful knowing my relationships with everyone I meet and know are in a great condition, being able to visit family and friends and spend quality time with them, as well as quality time with myself relaxing and rejuvenating each day.

2. Once you have these things written down you are good to go. This is the best thing about FEEL4, it can be adjusted to your own way of doing things. I appreciate you may have a way you would like to try and do the steps, that is great, do it! My main purpose in this post is to get you to see how easy and effective undertaking the steps are each day.

I have been doing FEEL4 for so long now, the written things are engrained in my mind, I don't have to spend a lot of mental effort on them now they are a habit for me to follow. I still realise the importance of the action of writing things down (doing so adds power to the steps and I do actually email myself my Health, Wealth, Relationship steps almost each day, just typing them from memory as I have done above). I also realise the importance of thinking and saying the steps out loud. So I run through the steps every morning, lunch time and night before bed (and sometime more often). This in effect triggers the Law of Attraction and generates wonderful engergy from within you and positive energy is brought towards you too. Win Win!

To summarise: I feel great because of this routine. It is simple but yet massively powerful. I challenge you to reflect or read any self improvement book and not see areas of those books which are talking about FOCUS (goals, targets etc), ENERGIZE (will power, gut instinct etc), ENGAGE (taking actions, planning etc), and LEARN (learning from your mistakes, copying what others have done, best practice etc). The point is FEEL4 covers all bases. You'll have to read the book to see how much more it can do.

I hope this is sinking in. Take care today!

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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