Stop making Russia the enemy

I updated the Support Ukraine page today. However, it wasn't a Ukraine link I updated, it was the one to help the innocent Russians. 

I then put my money where my mouth is and I donated to this Russian charity: Support elderly people living in remote areas

Before you say, what about the Ukraine charity links, yes, of course, I have already clicked and supported those too.

If you are reading this and getting angry that I would support the Russian people then note, this post is written for you.

You have to stop being led by the orchestrated media (directly and indirectly influenced or controlled by those in power). Their aim is to force you into an emotional state that blinds you to reality and to using your common sense (basically no normal human wants war).

The reality is. It is the Russian leaders - who give the orders and abuse their power ordering the killing of innocent Ukrainians - who are the ones to get angry at.

Always Remember: Karma will provide natural justice, even if any manmade law does not reach all of the guilty.

You should not be angry with Russia as a whole. Do not let that word fill you with the wrong instant reaction. If you watch the above video you will quickly realise that there are many Russians who are just living their lives. There is no difference between them and any other country's citizens.

Every human being wants to live a peaceful life. The tragedy is that in this modern world, the media and online message can sweep people's minds away into a kind of hypnotic state. 

I urge you to put yourself in the shoes of the Russian people. Imagine, you have lived in Russia all of your life. Imagine you have lived and breathed Russian culture. Imagine, to you Russia is home. Imagine living under a dictatorship too and not being able to have a free say. If you do say something you will be arrested and worse still, maybe even shot.

Now imagine your leaders have brought you into a war. How are you going to stop it? Imagine all of your favourite Western shops suddenly stop serving you. You hear on the controlled news that the West is basically putting the country you love under some severe life affecting sanctions. How would you feel?

What if, like Russia and China, your government started to lock you down and went to war, forcing you to sit back and watch and worst still, fight.

That would never happen I hear some of those readers who live in the West cry out.

Well it has happened! What about the Iraq war? There were no weapons of mass destruction, the reasons for war were lies. What about the COVID lockdowns? You were not allowed to go anywhere.

Would you want to be hated by people from other nations because of what your government forced you to do? No, of course not.

In the same way you cannot hate the Russian people. They are trapped in this complex situation.

I recommend you give to both a Ukrainian and Russian charity. Show the world, show yourself that you are a kind person who supports the people of this world. In showing this kindness you will bring the people closer and hopefully bring the change we need to remodel our governments to reflect the people's will.

Take care today ❤️. Peace be with you.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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  1. That video made me cry

  2. why would you support a country that invaded a place full of innocent people, i say let them all suffer with sanctions so they turn on their leaders

  3. благодарю вас

  4. @marlene4719 (Twitter)22 May 2022 at 08:47

    What Putin is doing is reprehensible. There are no words

  5. Thanks all for the comments. Just wanted to clarify that in no way am I condoning the actions of a country invading another; that goes against everything I believe in. My point in this post is that everyone wants peace no matter which country they are from. Everyone bleeds and feels pain. Wars are created at a political and leadership level and there needs to be more accountability for their actions to the general public who ultimately want to live good lives in the short time they all have on this earth. Take care today.

  6. Peace and love to whomever reads this xoxo

  7. Why do humans always let the bullies win. Why don't the armies with their guns just turn around to those bullies and say we are not doing your dirty work.

  8. That old woman is so sweet makes my heart break :(

  9. So true what you have said about the western world being under the same control as the Russians. We need to get to a world where the people have their say, not the few in power who only want their say.

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