Developers are going to hate me for telling you how to get a free website

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Do you have a website?

Do you spend lots of money every month paying to host it and pay for a developer to maintain it?

If the answer is yes, I am about to tell you how to reduce your costs to zero.

First of all let me tell you, I know what I am talking about.

I have been building websites since they began. I have used WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Plus many others.

I've setup hosting accounts for many clients. I have even designed websites for celebrities. Take a look at a placeholder GoogleSites website (which costs me NOTHING to keep running btw):

As website technology improved year on year, I came to realise that, for many clients, there was no need for them to be paying for website design and hosting.

Many people online still haven't moved with the times as far as website development is concerned. They think that if they aren't spending a fortune on hosting and development fees then their website and brand is no good.

Seriously, you do not need to pay lots of hosting fees and pay a developer to add images and information to pages. You can have complete control and all for nothing.

Okay let me get on with it. The big reveal.


I know what you are thinking! "Blogger" is that it!?

I realise Blogger has been around since 1999 and is nothing new. That is the point! It is a tried and tested Google-led product that has remained in the tough world of fast moving tech.

It is worth pointing out too that Blogger has seen some updates over the years.

The website you are reading this on is built using Blogger.

What do you need a website for?

If all you want is a place on the internet to hang your brand, then look no further. 

Let me show you where to get some fancy looking themes.

Note, Blogger does have some default website design templates (themes). Those look dated and so I recommend you go to somewhere like Themeforest [Click this link to see the Blogger templates]. Or do a web search for Blogger Templates, some are free.

If you want to upgrade your Blogger theme design from time to time I recommend you filter the release dates on Themeforest to the "Newest" designs first. That way you will be getting the latest and most up to date look and feel for your website.

I won't take you through what you need to do to install it because when you buy a theme it actually contains a file with all of that information.

Still not convinced? 

Okay let me make this simple. 

Here is my list of reasons to use Blogger to host your website:
  1. It is FREE!
  2. It has been around since 1999 and is still going strong.
  3. It is very easy to administrate yourself.
  4. Adding to #3 ... if you administrate it yourself then ZERO developer costs are needed.
  5. There are no hosting costs.
  6. Speed!!! One of the best things is that the website pages load very fast; for the equivalent speed you will need to spend a lot on hosting.
  7. There is a community of other Bloggers who can find you.
  8. Never had any downtime.
  9. It ranks well in searches.
  10. It has a built in analytics dashboard that is easy to understand.
  11. It lets you preview draft posts in all screen sizes.
  12. You can schedule posts to publish at any time.
  13. Google ensure security is maintained to the highest of standards.
  14. You can add Google Ads and make money.
  15. I could go on but I think you get the gist!

Trust me. As someone who has designed thousands of websites, the main aspect to making a website look amazing is the photography. If your brand shows good quality photos it will look professional and leave a great impression on those who visit. Speed is also important, website visitors do not want to wait ages for content to appear, Google / Blogger servers are free and fast. You do not need to waste your money on expensive hosting packages. You do not need to find and use developers to run a basic website (sorry Developers but it is true).

I hope this quick tip will help save you lots of money. Take care of yourself today.
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