Ukraine is proving to be the heart of the Earth and is our turning point for humanity

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#Ukraine you are proving to be the heart in the body we call #Earth - We LOVE YOU ❤️

The yin and yang of life means that we all have to deal with bad times. What is happening in the Ukraine is certainly falling under the "bad times" label.

With all bad times though, there comes an opportunity to spin them around; to use them to work towards a good time.

So far in their conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian people are stunning the world with their determination to stand up for freedom and sovereignty. 

If you look at a map of Earth you will notice that the Ukraine is naturally in the centre of Eastern and Western Europe. Combine this geographical fact with the steely bravery the Ukrainians are showing and you quickly see that this country is a very important country to the rest of the world and the symbol of freedom. 

They are the heart of the body we call Earth and it should be every humans duty - who wants freedom - to stand with them in their hour of need. 

As I have said in my other posts on this war, I am not anti-Russian. I feel just as upset for the Russian citizens as I do the Ukrainians. They are being manipulated to believe what Putin wants them to believe. They are suffering ultimately because of Putin. If he pulled out of the Ukraine and or if he led the way for Russia to have a democracy then the war and sanctions would end. I think that says it all. One man is standing in the way of Russia getting back to a peaceful and prosperous state.

Whether you are Russian or any other nationality, you have to admit that the Ukrainian reaction to being invaded is humbling. The patriotic passion they have to remain free is unquestionable. I will end this post as it begun:

#Ukraine you are proving to be the heart in the body we call #Earth - We LOVE YOU ❤️

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