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I wrote a post yesterday about the Metaverse and how excited I was. Today I want to try and get you some answers on when will all of the exciting new tech products be available to buy and use.

My first search was on YouTube and I found this video which gives a good first insight into the Facebook tech which is already out and what exactly it does.

So these Rayban glasses don't yet allow you to jump into the metaverse, instead they offer you the following tech:

1. There are 2 cameras on the front of the glasses offering only 5 megapixels each. Yep, pretty disappointing when you compare this with an average smartphone's camera. The main benefit being you can wear this tech and use its features direct from your face (photos and videos). Is that a benefit? Only you can decide.

2. On the side of the frames there are speakers to listen to music. I suppose this is better than wirelss ear pods - or is it?

3. There is an LED light on the front of the glasses to alert people that the glasses are on and could be recording.

4. The price is roughly £299/$299 at the time of this post. Yes, you see it right, the UK seems to be getting a rough deal on the price.

Here is the Rayban website link to view the glasses on there.

What do I think so far?

I have to say, not really impressed. Sorry Mark. For me these glasses do not offer enough new tech to warrant buying them over a new smartphone. However, that is my opinion, the choice is yours...

Is there anything out there that you can truly immerse yourself in a 3D world? Yes, I would say the only real choice at the moment is the Oculus Quest 2 headset. You can also buy on Amazon by clicking here. This video helps explain and show you how the metaverse can be interacted with using the Oculus tech.

I have personally used these to watch a large screen cinema and walk around rooms. The metaverse concept is very much alive already. However, it is not yet at the stage which there is an entire connected universe of your favourite websites all being offered in 3d for you to walk around and touch things.

I am a little underwhelmed it has to be said with regards to getting a hold of tech which will make a holographic computer screen appear in front of you to touch like an iPad. That tech seems to still be in the future. Having said that, the future isn't far away and I am getting some spider sense that something big will be launched either towards the end of this year or next year in 2023.

The other main tech that is getting me excited are the Apple Glasses and Apple VR Headset. The below video offers some great insight into them.

These, I believe, are going to be unveiled to us when we are least expecting them, like the original Apple iPad Steve Jobs unveiled on January 27, 2010.

It is pretty exciting to think this tech is definitely coming. It is just a matter of when, and like a bus, you know that all the companies will launch this tech all at once, so there will be plenty of products to choose from.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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