What should you do to increase all of your social network followers

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What should you do to increase all of your social network followers?


Absolutely nothing!

What do I mean "nothing"?

I mean this:

If you are desperate to gain followers you are most likely wanting to do so for the wrong reasons and that desperation will come across in your messages.

You should be solely focusing on doing what you love and sharing that passion on your social media accounts.

If other people "get it" or "get you" and what you are passionate about, then they will follow you naturally.

Not worrying about what others think will take the stress out of your social media sharing activities.

By not being worried about what others think, it leaves you to do what you love best. In my case I love writing. As you will have noticed I write about everything. I used to get so caught up being worried what others think and whether they would click the like buttons but then something clicked and I just broke free from all that self inflicted aggravation.

At my height on Twitter I had around £115k followers. Then one day I used some software to get rid of all the accounts that were either fake or ones where people weren't following me back. I watched as my followers plummeted to £40k. I felt terrible. What had I done? Didn't all those people really like me? Then I mentally slapped myself with a wet fish and thought, does it really matter? No! Am I writing for followers to like me or am I writing because I love it. It is because I love it.

To grow your social network followers keep doing what you love and sharing ideas and moments of doing what you love.

It is better to get just 5 followers who really get you then have a 1,000,000 followers who just click buttons without any true connection with your passion.

In a nutshell, just be your true self and that will shine through.

My final word on the subject is to also just stick with it. The more time you stick around on social media the more people will realise you are real and worth following.

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