Could this idea end a war with Russia

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I read this reply in the comments section recently:
I don't want any war and yet the news and politicians keep mentioning one. Who are they talking on behalf of?
Thank you to the commenter, whomever you were?? Not sure why people don't leave their name, I won't bite (much).

Seriously though, this brings forth a really good point.

Who are all the leaders involved in the Russia and Ukraine escalation talking on behalf of? Certainly not me! And I am pretty sure not you.

Humans have basic needs. They need to be fed, sheltered and loved.

If you zoomed into most populations of the world you would see people who just want some peace and to get on with enjoying life as freely and safely as possible.

Nobody has war at the top of their to-do list!

The fact we have had wars is something only those in power are guilty of.

So how do we change this constant loop of war coming around?

Are countries really about to go to war in the Ukraine?

I think I have a solution. I think the internet can help make it come true.

The solution is to stop having people at the top of the pyramid of power.

The solution is to give the power to all of the people.

Why do we need to have leaders of nations?

I want the Russian people to know I love and respect them. I want all nations to know this. And I think you want the same?

Christian Jacques Bennett Blog

So why don't we start something here, right now. A United Earth where everybody is in charge.

There would be no arguments about borders because there wouldn't be any! One people, one Earth.   

How would that work?

You have a system like a voluntary jury service whereby people are randomly chosen to represent their region and nation.

Any policy is created and voted on by all of the people.

All voting happens up to three times. Once to see what the general consensus is, if the second time is the same result then the majority vote goes through, if there is a tie then a third vote decides.

Think about this. We can all have a say in how things are run. We can have departments filled with skilled people to advise us on the best approach to things, but we all essentially vote for our future and not a group of out of touch, power hungry politicians.

Forget having leaders with egos that lead to killing. Let's create a United Earth and live a great, fulfilling life in peace.

Are you with me?

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