This is what AI artwork can do to a book


This is what AI artwork can do to a book

I am so happy and excited right now. Why? What or who is making me feel this way?

AI. Yes. Artificial Intelligence.

Specifically the art AI generates.

I explain which AI art generators are some of the best, in this blog post.

As an artist, what I love is the unknown. By this I mean you never know what AI will produce when you add text for it to create an image.

Sometimes the image is not right, but sometimes, the images produced can be perfect.

This morning I thought I would see what AI would generate from reading my version of the Tao Te Ching book, "The Way of Everything".

What AI came up with made me cry. I posted it on Twitter, take a look:

Why cry? In part it is the understanding, from a limited human mind, that AI is capable of showing us infinite choices of artworks so effortlessly.

It would take humans so long to physically draw what AI can do in seconds.

This gives us such a unique place in history. We are able to see things no other human would have been able to previously.

With regards to my book and the first chapter of the Tao Te Ching, these are some of the images that AI came up with just from reading the exact text copied and pasted into its text reader.
I hope you also see how wonderful and optimistic this is. You can do the same for your written work. AI enables you to bring words into a new visual realm. Enjoy!

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