100% FREE image upscaler


100% FREE image upscaler

You know I love you, right?

No. Okay. Let me prove it.

As an artist I have searched high and low for a 100% free tool that can blow up an image without much distortion.

This can be useful for so many reasons - but mainly when printing art you want to be able to blow your digital art to a large size for impressive wall prints.

Well, I thought I had found a great tool here @ stickermule.com/upscale but for whatever technical reason, it seems to be failing me lately by timing out and they have changed a few settings which originally worked well (like being emailed once your upscale was complete). You can try it, but if you want the holy grail of upscaling tools keep reading...


After a LOT of searching (which I want you to avoid by giving you this gift and saving you time) I came across upscayl.org.

It is an open source tool that you have to download. That means it is 100% FREE!!

It is really easy to use. This is what it looks like on an Microsoft computer:
It is simply a case of you uploading your photo / image and blowing it up. And when I say blow (enlarge) it up, I mean HUGE SIZES!

How does Upscayl work?

Upscayl uses AI models to enhance your images by guessing what the details could be. It uses Real-ESRGAN and Vulkan architecture to achieve this. Our backend is fully open-source under the AGPLv3 license.

You see I do love you!

In a healthy way, I do love you. The fact you have come here to read this really does make me go fudgy inside.

Whenever I can I try to give back something useful for my readers and followers. Something to say thank you for your support.

I hope this tool helps you. Enjoy! And thank you for your time.

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Christian Jacques Bennett
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