Big HUGE news about a new spiritual blog


CJB - yes the real me!

First of all, I am not too comfortable using the word "Spiritual" in the title of this post.


Beause my new blog is SO MUCH MORE!

This is the new domain:

For those who have followed me for a long time you will know that I have peppered this blog with posts about Everything.

I even wrote a book The Way of Everything.

I even talked about my experience with someone who had died.

Well, it has been like a spiritual volcano in me. And it has finally erupted!!!

I have literally awakened and I want to share it with you so that you can too.


You don't have to. I am not pushing anything down your throat.

You are free to choose to learn what I have to say or not....

At the very least it is entertaining!

Plus I am unleashing my creative soul on you, so you can be amused for hours and feel better for it.

I am also in the middle of writing the new book, so please click on over to when you can and let me get your soul power flowing.....

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Christian Jacques Bennett
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