Why I moved to Wales and why you should not

I only bloody went and did it!

Yes I moved to Wales!

Why I did I move to Wales?

It wasn't actually planned. I was looking at going anywhere in the UK and France.

I booked to live in France twice and the AirBnB owners kept coming back with excuses why they couldn't rent for more than 6 months.

I tried to go to Lincolnshire as well but found I hit a wall with the lettings agents and finding the right property.

And so... as fate would have it... I ended up reversing through all of my searches and back to one of my very first rental finds.

It was strange because I had gone on the internet just before Christmas and looked for places to live. And this place came up in Wales.

The image of the house instantly felt like it was calling me.

I had placed it in my shortlist... but then I was taken on a mental ride of trying to find somewhere that would suit the rest of my family, rather than me.

I am a people pleaser and so I can easily place my hopes and dreams on the back shelf in my pursuit to make others happy.

Thankfully, fate put its foot down this time and said "NO! CHRISTIAN IT'S TIME YOU LIVED THE LIFE YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED".

And so a very long story made short, I ended up moving my 94 year old dad, my blue eyed dog, and myself, to Wales.
The key reason was to escape the rapidly increasing population of the South East of the UK. To go and live in nature, as I had always wanted.

And boy did I strike gold!!

The first moment here I arrived in pitch black to hear the local church bells ringing out in welcome - weirdly having been here for a month now, I have not heard them like that since - fate!

The next morning I went out into the garden - keep in mind I had never actually physically visited the house as everything had been done on the internet - and to my surprise I looked over the fence to see and hear a river. A proper river!

I looked up and viewed rows of trees climbing a tall hill (which to me seemed like a mountain).

It was then that my heart smiled and I realised that you can find happiness after all!

Why you should not move to Wales!

So why shouldn't you follow my lead? Well you can. But Wales may not be for everyone. The key lesson learnt is to go to where you have repeated in your mind you would like to go.

For example, with me I had always wanted to go somewhere very under populated, in the countryside, but still with close access to shops. That had always been my wish ever since I can remember.

For me, early on, unfortunately, life grabbed a hold of me, I fell in love and like many, I ended up living my partner's life preference.

I made the most of it. But for me I did suffer, looking back, needlessly from anxiety issues. I was constantly living in an environment that I didn't consciously and subconsciously feel was right for me.

It is a bit like placing a goldfish in a bowl full of sand with no water at all. What is going to happen to the goldfish.

If I had to give anyone reading this a MAJOR life lesson to grab a hold of, I would say, before you seek out the love of your life, make sure you have moved to where you "feel" is your place in the world.

Some people need full on sunshine 24/7, perhaps Dubai is the place, or Texas USA... some people like cold climates, in which case try Sweden etc.

Do you prefer to be completely in nature or in the hustle and bustle of the city? Or both?

If you are unsure, book some short holidays and test the waters. What really gets you smiling and saying to yourself, "OMG I WANT TO LIVE HERE".

Let yourself be and feel happy...

And once you have found your dream place. Don't start overthinking things. Allow yourself to grin from ear to ear. Allow yourself to feel good. This may sound like a silly thing to say, but trust me, us humans, after years of suffering, we tend to lock away our feelings of joy, and if they surface we get scared that they will quickly evaporate - stop it! Feel great. Feel happy at every small thing around you. From the way your front door opens, to the plants growing around your neighbourhood.

So what next for me?

It is simple. I want to live happily ever after. I have found out that moving to a place that I have always wanted to love really has changed everything. And I intend to ride that wave for as long as I can. I hope you find or have found your happy place too.

PS. The guy kissing the sheep was clickbait - sorry!

PPS. I didn't mentioned how I made all of this happen through the Law of Attraction! Okay, I will write about that later. Just keep in mind LoA actually works!
Christian Jacques Bennett
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