Do you have dyslexia


Do you do this too?

Take a look at what I tweeted earlier today. Do you notice anything?

Something was missing:

Well done if you spotted that the life quote text on the image was missing the word "it".

I am guilty of doing this a lot. I leave words out of sentences. I use the wrong letters in places.

I have read that the brain works faster than your typing fingers hence you can often get some missing words if typing a sentence rapidly. However, for me, I think it is more than that.

I have been wondering my whole life if I was dyslexic.

So I thought, today, I would start by doing an online test.
My test results...

You can take this free test too, over here @

These were my test results:

According to the answers given, your score test is between 45 to 60. A score 45 to 60 is showing signs consistent with mild dyslexia.
It does make sense...

I cannot say I am surprised. I have always had to work double time to do anything academic.

If I am dyslexic it will really make sense of a lot of years of bewilderment relating to how I have struggled compared to others.
What about you?

Is there anything you have been wondering about?

With regards to a mental health diagnosis, or dyslexia, or anything similar?

There is no better self improvement step forward than to really understand your mind and ways you can improve it.

So please try the following tips:

1. Start with an online test: Mental Health America has this page of free screening tools. The UK's NHS also has this free assessment.

2. Book a 1:1 in person assessment: If you find that the online tests are indicating you might have a condition, that's when you need to see someone in real life to confirm it. Usually this next step is to go and book an appointment with your GP / Doctor and they can advise on the best next steps.
Better than ever...

Whether you find you have a condition or not. The benefits of doing these assessments is they improve how you perceive yourself and how you tackle things moving forward.

I wish you the best of luck and the next time you see me post something with a missing word, smile, I will see it eventually and will amend where I can.

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Christian Jacques Bennett
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