How can we make robots the best thing that ever happened and not be killed by them

Yes - it really is happening!

Elon Musk recently took to the stage and showed the world the progress of "Optimus", the Tesla robot.

What I found interesting was the reaction from the Press appears ever so slightly more tamed and used to seeing a robot walking around.

Can you imagine 30 years ago if Elon had wheeled out Optimus and it started walking towards them. The Press would have run away.

And so it seems that, day by day, video by video, post by post, we are all getting used to seeing a robot taking on the human form.

With AI (Artifical Intelligence) also recently emerging, it is only a matter of time before a robot will be more intelligent and more capable than a human, if not already (we do not know what goes on in secret labs).

So... The question is...

How can we make robots the best thing that ever happened and not be killed by them?

This being a self improvement path, I want to try and tease out how amazing robots and AI will be for the human race. However, I cannot lie, if humans do not put in proper safeguards then the future will be something only the robots will decide.

First I just want to get across how incredibly super human they can potentially be.

Let's start with learning to drive. How many lessons did you need? 10? 20? More? And how old were you before you were physically capable of even sitting behind and peering over a steering wheel?

Well, a robot, with an AI brain linked to the internet of all human knowledge, will be able to be unboxed, turned on, and immediately they will know how to do anything their knowledge base is providing them. If for example, they have access to the best Formula 1 driver's knowledge, the Highway Code, and anything else they need to know how to drive, they will immediately be able leave their discarded packaging by your Christmas tree (imagining it is Christmas! 🎅🎄 ho ho ho) and walk over to a car and drive it away.

I need to labour this point about its access to knowledge. If it is the correct knowledge, providing them with all the information they need to do something, they will be able to do that "something" instantly and perfectly.

So unlike you when you first passed your driver's test, a robot will be able to just walk up to the car and drive it fearlessly, as good as any other driver who has "EVER" driven a car. They could also, potentially, with the correct mechanical knowledge, fix the car if it breaks down.

And this is just my very laboured car example. Sorry, it did go on.

Imagine, too, if a robot has access to all of the world's languages. It would be able to speak all of them, instantly!

If it wanted to fly a plane or sail a boat, again it will be able to do so instantly...

Don't panic - just yet!

Okay, I need to calm things down. I am assuming that the robot can physically do everything a human can do. I am assuming they have access to a knowledge database that provides excellent instructional information etc.

If such a robot did exist, it would potentially look at a human's mental capbilities much like we look upon a monkey's.

How do we stop such a super human - super powerful - robot from killing us?

This is a very important question. It is one that is real. Outside of this blog in places we will never ever see or hear about, they are deciding our fate. And to be honest I think we should have some kind of say. We need to know our future life with robots (which is about to explode VERY FAST) is safe and beneficial for us.

So what key things can we ask our government to enforce when it comes to robots, to avoid a situation where a robot style terminator is built, released, and wants to kill us all?

Thankfully there are some obvious things we can do, these are:

🤖 Size matters: If we can keep the most powerful of humanoid form robots smaller than the average human then it would help (a little) if we ever need to physically control them.

🤖 Strength matters: If we can keep the most powerful of humanoid form robots weaker than the average human then it would help (a little) if we ever need to physically control them.

🤖 Processing power matters: If we can ensure that the processing (brain/thinking) power of a robot is limited, it would stop them from being able to out-think humans in key areas where we want to remain in control.

🤖 Access to information matters: If we can ringfence what data and information robots are accessing and how, that would limit them in their super powers. For example, giving a medical robot medical knowledge is great for them treating humans. However, giving a medical robot knowledge of how to kill and fight in a battle may not be so smart.

🤖 Programming matters: If we can establish a programme which would shut down a robot that ever tried to deviate from its purpose and or kill a living creature, that would ensure deaths do not occur.

As you can see above. There are things we can do to stop robots/AI from killing people. Let's hope those in power know this and are able to do so. I mean it isn't as if all governments have mismanaged their countries to leave them all in financial turmoil is it 😱.

Let's be positive!

Okay. This part of this path is more my wheelhouse. Let me share with you the positive and wonderful future impact robots are going to have on humans, yes, that means you, me, and everyone we love.

In the same way you probably started to fear robots when you read above that they will be super human, I want to show you the other side to that thought.

Let me boost your positivity for robots with this list of potential wonders they could perform for humans:

🤖 Fire fighting: Imagine a fireproof robot walking into a burning building without being affected at all by the heat, smoke and flames. Imagine them being able to find and carry out a baby, alive and well, or perhaps an elderly relative, or anyone you love and can think of.

🤖 Taxi service: Imagine no longer needing a car. You press a button on a phone app and a car appears with a robot driver. Imagine how much money you would save not having a car. If you live in a city, imagine not having any cars parked unused on the street because they are no longer needed.

🤖 Medical services: Imagine not having to train a human doctor for over 10 years. Instead imagine being examined by a robot fresh from the factory, one that can scan you with its eyes and can see any internal issues immediately. Now imagine that same robot has access to all medical knowledge everywhere. They'd need no learning curve. They would instantly know what is wrong with you and the best treatment plan.

🤖 Food services: Imagine being cooked for by a robot who has all of the knowledge of the best chefs ever to exist.

🤖 Cleaning services: Imagine returning home to find all of your washing and cleaning has been done.

🤖 Caring services: Imagine knowing you can safely stay in your home when you get old and even if you need care, because a robot is programmed with all of the knowledge and skills needed to do so.

🤖 Companion services: Imagine having someone to talk to at all times. Someone who can also act as a therapist and provide any mental health tip you need to know.

Now imagine all of the above services are provided by one robot which lives in your home and is dedicated to you and your family's care! Every family - or local community - has one. Can you see how life changing that would be, in a wonderful way.

Well, I am VERY excited to see a robot future. I believe things will work out and robots will be a very welcome addition to our lives.

Oh and PS! Robots can also make good pets:

Christian Jacques Bennett
Please comment below on what you think about this path...

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