Animate your Bitmoji in 6 easy steps

Animate your Bitmoji in 6 easy steps Animate your Bitmoji in 6 easy steps

Let's animate!

I have always wanted to animate my Bitmoji.

If you have the same urge then do this:

1. Go to your Bitmoji Account Stickers

2. Type in and search for the word "Stand"

This is what you should be looking at (showing your Bitmoji character, not mine!):

3. You should have a character of you standing with your arms held out wide (see above, 4th one from left on the top row)

4. Go to this website URL: (Note, this is where the animation magic happens)

5. Follow the steps on the screen, uploading your Bitmoji etc

6. Enjoy your animated Bitmoji! That's it, well done!!

If you want to see my animated Bitmoji then Click Here for the original or look below:

PS: Keep in mind, you can also use DOODLY or Microsoft PowerPoint to animate your bitmoji by moving the image bit by bit to create a moving scene.

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