Mistakes are the mountains you have to climb to get to success


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Mistakes happen to everyone at any time.

Accidents are caused by mistakes. You may have driven the same route safely for 10 years but one day you make the mistake of looking the wrong way and causing an accident.

In business, every day, entrepreneurs set prices for their products. Sometimes those price levels are a mistake. In some cases they could have made double or more of the price they chose. If only they had held the conviction to charge the fee their service is truly worth it. I have seen life coaches charge £($)45 per hour compared to others who charge £($)500 an hour.

Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes. They happen to anyone at any age.

Importantly they can occur to those who are inexperienced and those who are experienced.

So what sets aside those who succeed after making a mistake?

The guts to admit they made one.

Admit it when you are wrong and move on...

As soon as you realise you have made a mistake. You have to admit it to yourself.

That sounds easy, right? Wrong.

The human ego is an incredibly arrogant and blinkered character that lives in the brain.

It will throw every thought at you to convince you that your mistake is not one at all.

That person I mentioned above who had a car accident by looking the wrong way. They won't admit it was because they were changing the volume on their music player.

That person who set the wrong prices. They won't admit that they should increase the price of their service. No they are just starting out, how can they charge that much.

The default option for the ego when you make a mistake is to go with the most lazy option and to discharge any thought that a mistake has been made.

Climb that mountain...

Mistakes are like mountains. Some are bigger than others. Each one will take effort to climb. But once you do climb it, the view is spectacular.

Those that succeed share the trait of taking their mistakes and using them as stepping stones to climb to an even higher place of reward.

"I love climbing mountains!!" is what their mind says when a mistake occurs.

So the next time you make a mistake, face up to it. Use it as a stepping stone to learn what went wrong and what you can do to set it right.

Christian Jacques Bennett
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