How to deal with Instagram sunglasses spammers


You will love doing this!

This blog is all about motivation and improvement.

It is also about having fun.

I thought today we should have a little bit of fun whilst we send spammers on their merry way...

It all started when I was on my Instagram page and I saw a red heart ❤️ signalling me someone had just tried to make contact with me.

I still actually get a buzz of excitement when I get notifications (I know I know).

It's that ever hopefully part of me that thinks one day there will be a really amazing direct message. I don't know, a message that says, "We have been watching you for years. We have seen how much work you have put into things. And now we want to support you".

So today, I see there is a new message and I click to see who it is...

Turn disappointment into an appointment to something better:

As soon as I see the first part of the message I think - SPAM!! 🤬

I have received so many of the same messages from these fake people or bots.

Click the above image to read what they always say. Especially on Instagram.

"I'm working for a sunglasses brand..." 👎😎

The moment I see those words I know it is a con.

If you don't know what happens. These companies prey on those innocent (I love you guys) people who don't know better.

Some people see these DMs and really think they can make money.

The reality is that the sunglasses company want you to buy something.

In other words they always make money, you don't! 😥

Today I just thought, enough is enough. How do I turn this annoyed feeling around into something fun. Something that would make me smile.

I thought, why not play them at their own game!

So I sent back the same response in a way that they had really meant all along. To call their bluff. It felt so good 😁 and I laughed out loud!

Honestly, it is so cathartic. I recommend you do the same whenever you get spam.

Just send them back an email calling their bluff. Up the ante. Ask them for more than they are asking you. See if they reply.

There is so much fun to be had in doing this.

That's it, I just wanted to help you relook at something that can actually get quite depressing.

We each get so many spam messages a day. I think it is time we all respond. Let's spam them and send them details of our own products and services!

Take care today.
Christian Jacques Bennett
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