The contradiction of self improvement you must understand


Focus by Unfocusing 😕

Self improvement advice can often appear to contradict itself.

For example, when it comes to accomplishing a task you need to focus 100%.

If you want to accomplish a goal then focusing on taking action to get to where you want is essential.

Distraction in any sense is unwelcome when you are focusing.

However - and here comes a contradiction - if you are feeling stressed because you cannot stop thinking about something, then not focusing on those thoughts by distracting yourself maybe exactly what you need.

If pursuing your focus is revealing no progress at all then it may be time to distract yourself. Take a break. Re-energize. Get some perspective.
Always Use Your Common Sense:

The reason I am mentioning the "contradiction paradox" is because you need to understand that when following a life of self improvement you might hear advice that seems contradictory, and yet you still need to pursue what you are doing for your own good.

Another example of contradictory advice is, let's just say you are looking to lose weight and your coach has told you to cut out all sugar. A few days later you see them slurping a sugary cola.

Just because that coach appears to not be taking their own advice, it doesn't mean you need to stray from following it.

For all you know, your coach was drinking that cola for good reason.

The point here is, do not worry about any contradictory self improvement advice. Stick to what you know is common sense.

Whatever your self improvement journey entails, if you see everyone else in the world doing the opposite to you then do not worry. Stay on your true course.
True North
I think of the words "Self Improvement" as being the true north of a compass with North being the direction you must head to improve yourself.

Try and stick with heading towards self improvement at all times and your life will definitely get better and you will achieve the results you are aiming for.

Do not worry if other people stray from that direction. The world is full of so many people dealing with so many different moments and emotions that your role is to just follow your own path until you reach your goal. Once you get there you can think about helping others.
Time to get going...

So the next time you are facing some contradictory advice on what is best for you. Use your gut instinct. Aim for the Self Improvement North and keep going.

Take care today...
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