Life is a treasure hunt


Why a treasure hunt?

You think I have definitely lost the plot now don't you.

What the heck has life got to do with a treasure hunt?

Okay bear with me whilst I explain...
Always keep going!

There are no promises in life that everything is going to be wonderful all of the time.

Actually, sorry, I would say that is a promise. Everything will not be wonderful all of the time!

The sooner you deal with that fact the better.

The sooner you don't think of that fact as being a negative one, but instead a liberating one, is the sooner you will find some contentment.

But there is one thing that will determine you get the most out of life.

You must always keep going.

Never quit.

I am specifically talking about your ongoing goal of searching for happiness.
Happiness goals are the treasure you hunt for:
This is where the "Treasure Hunt" comes in.

For it to be a treasure hunt, you need treasure to search for.

There is no better treasure than the feeling of being happy.

Let me be clear.

I am not talking about "Happy" being something you feel when taking a drug.

When I say "Happy" I mean the real happiness you can find.

It is a feeling you get by combining many positive traits, like:

- Appreciation
- Gratefulness
- Contentment
- Peace of mind
- Un-Selfishness
- Enlightenment

There are a few others, but you get my point.
Find the treasure:

Once you become aware what happiness is, and that it can be hunted and found throughout the map of your life (see what I did there), that is when life truly begins.

You realise that: "Life is a treasure hunt"!

You realise that in order for you to find the treasure you need to keep searching. Keep going. Never give up.
The hope of treasure:

The wonderful thing about hunting for life's happiness treasure is you start to find it!

I always feel so frustrated with people who hunt for the wrong type of treasure. The Rolex watch. The Ferrari. The mansion.

So many people tend to get those things and still not feel happy inside. They then pay for therapists to explain why. And hypnotists to convince them they have it.

If only they had read this post to understand.
X marks the spot!
Treasure maps are usually marked with an "X" to show where the treasure is hidden. Maybe that's why Elon Musk recently changed Twitter to X?

So where exactly do you find the treasure that will make you happy?

You are surrounded by treasure:

Stop reading this. I want you to look down at your body then come back to this part of the post.

Did you see the treasure?

Let me list it:

- Looking at your body proves you are lucky enough to be alive for one!

- You have sight too! And if you don't, if you are blind, then you have your other senses, like touch!

- You have your arms and legs! And again, if you don't you have other parts of your body that work!

You have so much treasure to make you feel happy.

If you are a parent then look at your child alive and well. Be grateful. Make the most of that moment of appreciation.

If you are a child then look at your parents and grandparents. Be grateful. Make the most of that moment of appreciation.

I think you are getting the point.
Never stop treasure hunting:

Treasure hunting is another way to learn to build a positive personality.

It is especially worth hunting for treasure when bad news comes your way.

Perhaps you hear that someone close has passed away. Or maybe you are just having a bad day and the washing machine is broken or you have a water leak...

Whatever bad things are happening. Stop yourself and hunt for the treasure.

If someone died - grieve. Pay your respects. But don't let it be a reason to remain unhappy. Celebrate their life. If you are devastated then realise you feel that way because they must have given you so much joy in life. What a treasure that is to carry in your heart.

If something breaks or there is a plumbing issue then thank the heavens you have your health. If you don't have your health, then thank the heavens someone does, perhaps the person treating you!?

So I encourage you right now. Know that life is a treasure hunt and you should wake each day ready to find all of the wonders that are right in front of you.
Christian Jacques Bennett
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