Heads up KDP printing costs will change 20 June 2023


"If everything is going up, learn to stand in the elevator"

I realise that I have many author followers on Twitter and so I wanted to make sure they (you) got a heads up on the up coming KDP price changes.

I received the below email this morning and have copied and pasted it for your information.

But before you read it I just want to add some positive thinking around this.

During times like this when prices go up. There is a tendancy to worry. But worry is a waste of time. Instead face facts. Whilst other prices are going up, you need to do the same. Learn to stand in the elevator.

The key thing is to adjust your prices reasonably. Never take the micky because whether or not people tell you to your face or on social media, your clients / readers will know what is a realistic price and what isn't. And they will vote with their spending, in other words they will not buy your service or product again.

As for my book prices, I am going to wait for the change to come into effect and then view the KDP calculator to see what is a sensible price. I will keep you posted.

For now here is the email message I received from KDP Amazon this morning:


Since launching KDP print books in 2016, we’ve enjoyed helping you publish and sell your books around the world. During this time, we've kept our printing fees the same, despite increasing costs of materials and labor over the past six years. On June 20, 2023, we're changing our fees to better align with today's cost to print books. We have not taken this decision lightly, and have reduced printing costs where possible. Changes to your printing costs effective June 20, 2023, 12:00 AM UTC, include:

📚 An increase in the fixed cost for all paperback and hardcover books to cover the higher cost of materials, suppliers, and labor.

📚 A new fixed and per-page cost for paperback and hardcover books with large trim sizes to cover the additional costs to print these books. A large trim size is either larger than 6.12 inches (155 mm) in width or 9 inches (229 mm) in height.

📚 A decrease in the per-page cost for certain color-ink print books ordered from some marketplaces. See full details in the printing cost tables on our Help page

These changes will affect your royalties for paperback and hardcover books. While not required, you may choose to update your list prices to avoid a change in royalty payments or zero royalties on paperback and hardcover books where your list price drops below the new minimum list price. If you make updates to a print book after June 20, it will need to comply with the new minimum list price in order to publish the updates.

Below are tools to help you evaluate the impact of the new printing costs on your royalty earnings. We've also included information about how to update your list prices should you choose to do so.

📚 See new printing costs and answers to frequently asked questions.

📚 Visit the Pricing tab for each of your live print books to compare your minimum list price, printing costs, and royalty amount by marketplace both before and after the printing costs change.

📚 Visit your Bookshelf to run a one-time bulk list price update on all of your live paperback and hardcover list prices to continue earning the same royalties after printing costs change.

📚 If you have books that will result in zero royalties after printing costs change, and you plan to make list price changes individually rather than in bulk, we recommend that you visit your Bookshelf to download a CSV file to prioritize any books that will earn zero royalties first.

📚 Coming soon! The Printing Costs and Royalty Calculator will be updated in a few weeks to show estimated royalties before and after the printing costs change.

We monitor our printing costs annually, and we'll provide you with advance notice of any future printing cost changes.


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