The top 5 YouTube videos that will improve your finances by 2040


YouTube is a great resource for learning about personal finance. There are countless videos on everything from budgeting to investing. If you're looking to improve your finances, here are five YouTube videos that can help you get started.

"Early Retirement in One Lesson (or How I Retired at 30)"
🎬 by Mr. Money Mustache

This video from Mr. Money Mustache breaks down the simple math behind early retirement. It's a great introduction to the concept of financial independence and can help you get motivated to start saving.

"My Secret To Making 6 Figures in 60 Days At 18"
🎬 by kellyohgee

This video is not a normal finance video. It is more a sharing of key things that have worked for Kelly and which you too can focus on and which will improve your finances if you follow her advice.

"How To Turn $1000 Into $100,000 In 3 Years - Do THIS Today!"
🎬 by Minority Mindset

If you're new to investing, this video from Jaspreet Singh (Minority Mindset) is a great place to start. It covers everything you need to know about managing your money and growing it.

"What's The Fastest Way To Pay Off Debt?"
🎬 by Dave Ramsey

If you're struggling with debt, this video from Dave Ramsey can help you get on the path to financial freedom. It provides helpful tips on how to pay off your debt faster.

"10 Greatest Personal Finance Lessons That Changed My Life"
🎬 by Tae Kim - Financial Tortoise

In this video from Tae Kim, you will learn the 10 personal finance lessons that have made the biggest impact on his life. These are lessons that his wife and he learned the hard way, and they have helped them achieve a level of financial success.

These are just a few of the many great YouTube videos that can help you improve your finances. By watching these videos and taking action, you can start making progress towards your financial goals.

In addition to these videos, there are many other great resources available on YouTube. You can find videos on specific financial topics, such as investing, budgeting, and debt management. You can also find videos from personal finance experts who can provide you with helpful advice.

By taking advantage of the resources available on YouTube, you can learn more about personal finance and take steps to improve your financial situation.

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