Do you want or need it

This modern world is full of so many things to buy.

There are adverts everywhere you go, telling you to buy something you didn't know you wanted.

Thankfully, I know to differentiate between what I want and what I need.

However, there are many individuals out there who seriously get depressed if they cannot afford the latest iPhone. There are couples out there who break up because after 20 years they didn't get the house they had dreamt of buying together.

To quote from my book, The Way of Everything (Tao Te Ching):

"You should never seek or want, as only then can you never want what you seek"

It is a simple statement made 2,600 years ago. Years of advertising and marketing campaigns have blinded many to its meaning.

In that one statement, you will find the key principle of the Law of Attraction. The principle being, to not want because wanting emits the energy of desperation. In comparison, needing emits magnetic energy. 

Which of these two people would you give money to if you met them in the street? A person wearing an expensive suit, or a person dressed in rags? Why? At face value, you feel drawn to the person dressed in rags because they appear to need your money more.

The universe reacts in a similar way. It knows when you are being greedy. It knows when you don't need something.

The point is. You will feel content in being appreciative for the things you have. If you have a cup to drink coffee out of, be thankful. Enjoy sipping hot coffee and watching the steam rising above its rim. Try not to keep looking for more cups, with better handles, better colours, better slogans. If you break the mug then fine, go out and get a new one, but until then use it like it's just been given to you.

Next time you are looking to get something new, ask yourself if you need that new phone, that new car, that new house, that new partner, that new job? Or are you just wanting it like a drug addict wants their new fix?

The blessing of knowing this wisdom and acting on it is enlightening. 

Why not change your way of thinking right now? Whatever you are thinking about buying, ask yourself, do you want or need it?

Let me know how you get on.


Christian Jacques Bennett 

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