Things will never be the same again...

Spoiler Alert: I am currently focusing on creating and sharing art here:

To those who have followed me for a while, I feel I owe you an explanation as to my new life direction.

Over the last few months I have literally soul searched harder than I have ever searched before (and trust me I have searched hard).

Something hasn't been right all of my life.

Whatever I did, I always felt that something was missing. Something wasn't connecting.

For those of you who know I am obsessed with self improvement and coaching it daily, you will also know that I, more than anyone, should have known what was missing.

I knew that you should follow your passion.

It is actually embarrassing how many websites and videos now state that message... DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

I thought I was when I went down the route of coaching but even then I occasionally had that "I have to go to work" feeling.


I am now being true to myself.

Art is my thing.

When I say "Art" I mean nothing is off limits.
Whether it is writing poetry, drawing, AI generating incredible unseen images, sculpting and or anything else I deem art... this is where my soul sits.
How many years have I rotted my soul away whilst sitting in business meetings.

I have always known I am slightly telepathic (I know how crazy that sounds) but sometimes I can hear what people are thinking.

When I sat in business meetings I could hear everyone hating them. They would do anything to escape it and live out their dream.

And that last statement is where I am at.

This new life direction by pursuing art is not all about me.

I want to use my life as an example to anyone, you can change your life and live out your dream right now too.

I wrote this post on my new website to explain a bit more.

I am not yet sure what my plan with this .com domain is... I am in two minds as to leave it as a piece of website artwork in itself!?

Anyhow... I hope you can keep following me on my journey. Take care of yourself, and hopefully see you soon,


Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash
Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash
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